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And now, some silliness.

Speaks for itself

The relationship between the Doctor and the Master in a nutshell.

I felt prompted to share this.

Madoka Magica
I hope you see this, chicklet22. I feel like you really need it.

Update on moi

Star Trek
I've had a medication change recently. It's making me feel tons better, so much so that I went to church for the first time in months. It felt great to be back there.

Other than that, there's not much going on in my life at the moment. 


It's unpopular opinion time!

Prepare for an unpopular opinion: Israel has every right to defend itself from those who wish to destroy it. Which Hamas intendeds to do both literally through terrorism and by making Israel look like bullies for attacking civilians. Civilians that Hamas regularly use as human shields like the cowards they are.

Why does Hamas want to destroy Israel so badly? I don't claim to know. Maybe they see Israel as an obstacle to their goals. Maybe they are jealous of them. Maybe they're just indoctrinated to hating Jews like Europe was for the majority of it's history.

All I know is this: Hamas and those who wish to destroy Israel will one day face the wrath of God. Maybe it will be at Judgement Day, maybe at the battle of Armageddon, but justice will come.

I also know this: this post will cause me to receive some hate. I know it will. I don't care anymore. I would rather be the most hated person on the internet than stay silent about what I know to be true. While I'm at it, homosexual lifestyles are wrong. Legalized marijuana is wrong. 90% of modern culture worldwide is against God's will in some form.

Go ahead. Hate me. Rant against me. Spit upon me. Unfriend me, unfollow me, spread rumors about me being a bigot and a backwards nut. I don't care. If this is the last post I ever make on this site, I can at least be certain that I have showed the world that I am not ashamed to own my Lord. That I will not bow to the whims of what is popular. That I am not afraid to say what I really think.

A little something to make y'all laugh!


And yes, the Nostalgia Critic knows about it.

Tumblr crazies held a con

It failed spectacularly.

In the history of bad ideas, this is up there with "invade Russia in the winter."

Still gonna post funny Tumblr posts on my Pinterest, though. Because nothing makes me laugh like Tumblr crazies.

I want my dad back.

Sure, he hasn't physically left. But his lack of thyroid hormones in the right balance is killing me. He's not the man he was at all. He's been all kinds of mean and nasty and even bitchy. It's horrible to see, especially since we are both home all day. I want to fix him, but there is nothing I can do to fix him. And for me, that is all kinds of sucky.

I know we'll get his thyroid meds right soon. But I want him back sooner. I miss him, even though he's right there. It's like he's died and he's been reanimated with the spirit of a total asshole. His body is doing this to him, and it's like watching someone die, except the body isn't actually dying.

I just want my dad back.
Mother of all that is good, these are effing scary. I really hope the kids who perpetrated them get the mental healthcare that they so obviously desperately need. I mean, I was pretty caught up in fandom when I was that age. Still am, actually. But never have I thought that attempted murder would transport me to Middle Earth. I think these kids were messed up before they heard of Slenderman. I'm also really grateful that the victim was released from the hospital. My prayers go out to the families of all involved.

Also, really wanting something to be real, and actually believing it to be real are different. One is wishful thinking, the other is psychosis.


Because God will punish those who mistreat His daughters.

Note: this entry is here because I've not been able to access Twitter for the past several months. And because my heart would not rest until I added my voice to those standing against misogyny in the wake of the recent anti-woman shooting spree in Santa Barbara. I truly believe in that opening sentence with all my heart. It might not be in this life, but I have no doubt in my heart that it will happen.

And now, for some canine-related levity.

Star Trek

Sometimes my mom will get onto us for not turning the TV off when we leave the family room. The usual response: "I didn't leave it on." Which we genuinely did not.

Well, last night, Mom witnessed the actual culprit commit his "crime." The family dog, Joey, stepped on the remote to turn the TV on, and got comfortable. He left when he saw nothing on the screen (the TV was not turned to the satellite setting at the time).

I about laughed my butt off when Mom told me this. Our dog likes to watch TV with us, but I had never suspected that he would watch it without us. Then again, he is a smart little fellow.