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Answer for question 4550.

Do you consider yourself a religious person? If so, which religion do you affiliate with? If not, why not? Do you consider being "religious" different from believing in a higher power?
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know that people can believe in a higher power without religious affiliation, but it sure gives me great comfort to know the details of who, what, where, when, why, and how of said higher power that my religion gives me. Sometimes I wonder why others are so against religion when it gives me and many others such comfort and joy. And then I remember that evil is a thing.

When you don't know what to say...

but there's so much to say.

I'll be honest, things aren't going to well for me right now. I'm getting more fed up with doing stuff around the house every day and now my parents are considering putting me in a group home because they don't think I can take care of myself right now. It's infuriating because they're right. I can't muster the motivation to even empty the trash bin in my room, let alone clean the house in a week. I really do need help like that, but I'm absolutely terrified that I'll have limited internet access if I do go to a group home. Which just goes to show where my priorities lie.

What do I really want for myself? Because it seems like I want what I can't possibly ever have. And it's tearing me up inside. How do I become humble enough to say "Thy will be done, Lord, and not mine?"

Happy Birthday, me!

27 years old and looking forward to a great year. Why will it be a great year? Because I choose for it to be a great year!


It's about time this happened.

I'm gonna show my face! No, really.

See? That's my face! You're welcome, LJ.


Answer for question 4450.

What's your favorite comic strip or online comic? Why do you enjoy it so much? What comic strip from the past do you wish was still around?
Ladies and gentlemen of LiveJournal, may I present to you my favorite webcomic: Ensign Sue Must Die

Answer for question 4446.

Do you have any superstitions? If so, what are they? What's the weirdest superstition you've heard of?
The only superstition I hold to is the one concerning the Scottish play.

My racist secrets.

If the USA is ever going to get past racism, it has to start with someone being willing to talk about their own racist thoughts that no one else may know about. I volunteer.

When I was in 5th grade, I was bullied relentlessy by many of my classmates. One of the most persistent of them was a black kid. I don't remember everything about the day he slapped me beyond the fact that he did it. Was my wailing about being bullied just to much for him to handle? Did he have a home life that did not encourage proper respect towards women and girls? Was I calling him mean names back? All of the above? Something else entirely? I honestly can't remember. What I do remember is us going to the principal's office and the principal telling me to apologize to him.

That infuriated me. Why should I have to apologize to him? He's the one who was violent! Being a very precocious child whose parents listened to Rush Limbaugh, I was convinced that the only reason I had to apologize to him was that they didn't want to be seen as racist for punishing a black kid. And I thought that for quite a few years.

In hindsight, that was very racist and bigoted of me to think that I was the one being opressed in this situation. No one was opressed in this situation. Everyone was just acting like the imperfect human beings that they were. And if I don't want God to judge me for my imperfections, what gives me the right to judge others?

I've had other racist thoughts over the years, mostly planted by conservative commentators on the radio. You know the ones. "Why can't Mexican immigrants come here legally?" "Why is black culture so thuggish?" On and on like that. That's why I don't listen to such folks anymore (that and their continual doomsaying really affect my mental state). After all, how can you keep track of the laws of foreign lands when you are literally running for your life from bloodthirsty drug cartels? And isn't it white people who encouraged the baser elements of black culture?

I don't want to be racist anymore. Not even just in my head, where no one else would know. Because I believe that God knows, and will hold me accountable at Judgement Day for it if I don't repent of it. He will hold all people accountable for what think. Christ was no respector of persons. We shouldn't be, either.

My horse-crazy days are coming back!

Because American Pharoah mindcrushed every horse in his wake to win the Triple Crown! After 37 years of no Triple Crown winners, the wait is over! Oh, glorious day!

...if you get the joke I made in there, I will love you forever.

Answer for question 4398.

Which book in the Lord of the Rings saga is your favorite? Which character do you find most enjoyable, and why? If you've never read the books, do you plan to do so or do they just not interest you?
All the books in the Lord of the Rings are my favorite! Even the appendices. And the Silmarillion. And whatever my next Tolkien book purchase is. I have a bit of an obsession.

Also, Galadriel is the kind of woman I aspire to be.

Answer for question 4374.

What is your favorite Classic Disney film and why?
The Lion King for sure, although I did watch Cinderella everyday as an itty-bitty kid.