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Answer for question 4595.

With the death of David Bowie last week, a lot of discussion has taken place about the quality of music in recent years -- many people feel that today's artists cannot compare to those of the past. What are your thoughts about it? Do you feel today's musicians are as talented as those from years gone by? Who do you point to as an example of a great contemporary artist, and who is your example of someone you have no idea why anyone would listen to them?
There are still plenty of talented musicians out there. The're just not on the music industry's radar because the big labels are hanging on to an outdated mode of music distribution in it's death throes.

I'm a big Vocaloid fan, and it takes some major hard work to make a good song with the program, regardless of which voicebank is used. The Vocaloid producers I follow have some really great songs, while there are others with rather "meh" songs.

This is not unique to my particular branch of music. Every genre has this phenomenon, be it music or television or the written word.

As to talented contemporary artists, I'd have to go with Enya as one of the greats today. A great soothing respite from all the dubstep and high energy music.

And as for one I have no idea why people listen to them, I really don't listen to enough pop music of my own country to make an informed decision about that.

My annual Christmas post. #ASaviorIsBorn

Every Christmas I post The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' annual Christmas video, or in this year's case, videos, from their Mormon.org channel that talk about the true meaning of Christmas: our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him, life would be utterly meaningless and there would be no hope of self-improvement. No hope of resurrection. No hope of forgiveness. No hope of return to our heavenly home.

But I want to testify to my friends list and all those who may come across this post that I know that Jesus Christ not only was born in a manger and died on a cross, but that He was ressurected and lives now. His death and suffering were not in vain, but to give us all the chance to repent of our sins and become as He is if we follow His ways. Through Him, death has lost it's sting, heartbreak can be healed, and lives can be changed completely.

Merry Christmas.
Okay, not really. Y'all are great people. But today is December 23rd, which means it's Festivus! The holiday that first made national attention via
the Seinfeld episode "The Strike" always manages to make me laugh this time of year. I thought it only appropriate to share the laughs with you.

May you win all your Feats of Strength and have few grievances to air!

Answer for question 4565.

Which historical figure would you love to see in 21st century life? What do you think they would find most interesting, and what would they be most horrified to find? If you could travel to the future, what's the one thing you would most hope to discover had happened?
Oh man, what a tough one. Do I pick an ancient Egyptian and show them that cat worship is alive and well via the internet? Do I pick Benjamin Franklin and watch him become addicted to smart phones? Do I watch Mozart try to wrap his head around dubstep or Vocaloid?

Myself, I'd rather reach the future the old fashioned way.

Answer for question 4550.

Do you consider yourself a religious person? If so, which religion do you affiliate with? If not, why not? Do you consider being "religious" different from believing in a higher power?
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know that people can believe in a higher power without religious affiliation, but it sure gives me great comfort to know the details of who, what, where, when, why, and how of said higher power that my religion gives me. Sometimes I wonder why others are so against religion when it gives me and many others such comfort and joy. And then I remember that evil is a thing.

When you don't know what to say...

but there's so much to say.

I'll be honest, things aren't going to well for me right now. I'm getting more fed up with doing stuff around the house every day and now my parents are considering putting me in a group home because they don't think I can take care of myself right now. It's infuriating because they're right. I can't muster the motivation to even empty the trash bin in my room, let alone clean the house in a week. I really do need help like that, but I'm absolutely terrified that I'll have limited internet access if I do go to a group home. Which just goes to show where my priorities lie.

What do I really want for myself? Because it seems like I want what I can't possibly ever have. And it's tearing me up inside. How do I become humble enough to say "Thy will be done, Lord, and not mine?"

Happy Birthday, me!

27 years old and looking forward to a great year. Why will it be a great year? Because I choose for it to be a great year!


It's about time this happened.

I'm gonna show my face! No, really.

See? That's my face! You're welcome, LJ.


Answer for question 4450.

What's your favorite comic strip or online comic? Why do you enjoy it so much? What comic strip from the past do you wish was still around?
Ladies and gentlemen of LiveJournal, may I present to you my favorite webcomic: Ensign Sue Must Die

Answer for question 4446.

Do you have any superstitions? If so, what are they? What's the weirdest superstition you've heard of?
The only superstition I hold to is the one concerning the Scottish play.

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