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Speaks for itself
You might be expecting me to tear into it for excising God from a Biblical story, being the Mormon that I am. I won't. Mainly because... why should this be surprising? Sure, I'm annoyed that the creators have turned it into a tract on global climate change. But would you really expect anything less from Hollywood? I don't, sad as that is. Also, I am a firm believer in free speech, even if I disagree with the speech.

Besides, I'll take Charlton Heston as Moses over Russell Crowe as Noah anyday. 
And what is this new project I have in mind?

I'm MSTing/sporking bad fanfiction! Why? Why not?

Details soon to come. Any badfic recs are welcome.

You know that feeling...

Speaks for itself
where you want to do something new, but have no idea what that something new is?


The Great Belieber-Tumblr War of 2014

Madoka Magica
If you are on Twitter/Tumblr/are a Supernatural fan, you are no doubt aware of Jared Padalecki's tweet accusing the Beibs of having a friend take the fall for him on a drug bust. The Beliebers came down hard, but Tumblr's fandom contingent came down harder. In fact, the latest episode of Supernatural had the highest viewing numbers since 2010, despite Beliebers boycotting it. The preceeding pin should give a good picture of how outnumbered the Beliebers are.

So, now Bieber is in custody for other charges related to his douchebaggery and stupidity, and I have to wonder: is he really worth it, Beiber fans? Is he really worth the time and energy you spend defending his so called good name when there is no good name to be found?

Well, either way, I am so writing fic about it. 

RL update and a bit of randomness

Madoka Magica
Dad's surgery went well. He's starting to feel better, though he still has bad days.

Here, have some good old fashioned Shakespearean parody!

Some holiday hijinks!

Star Trek
First, something for the MST3K fans.

Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas!Collapse )

But what about the non-believers? Well, seeing as it's December 23rd, I thought this would be appropriate.

The Story of Festivus!Collapse )

Update on my dad

My dad most likely has thyroid cancer. His biopsy came back abnormal enough to alert the doctor. He'll be getting his thyroid removed before years end hopefully.

The good news? Well, there is a lot of it, actually. Besides the outpouring of support from friends and family, thyroid cancer is a very easy to treat cancer. It rarely spreads, and we've most likely caught it rather early thanks to some divine inspiration.

Am I worried? Not as much as I thought I would be. I got the feeling cancer would be the diagnosis a while back and freaked out then. I'm more worried about Dad's emotional state than anything right now.

RIP Nelson Mandela

Kingdom Hearts

  • "No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."

(Why must I find these things out via Twitter?)


Characters? Never mind. Just RL updates.

I did not think that character thing through. Way too much research needed in to works of fiction I know nothing about.

On to real life. My dad has Graves' Disease, a thyroid condition that has really taken him out of commission where jobs are concerned. As a result, we are in a big financial crunch. This makes Christmas really sparse this year, though I'm not too concerned. Presents lost their wonder a while ago. Still, I'm a bit freaked out about my dad's health. He's lost a lot of weight and muscle mass. He looks... sickly. And my emotional crap has not been helping him at all.

Good thing I've been applying what my new therapist has taught me. Better late than never.

100 Characters: An Introduction

Some time ago, Time magazine released a list called The 100 Most Influential People Who Never Lived. It was a list of highly memorable fictional characters throughout history. They were all human, except for HAL 9000, Superman, and Spock. Most of them were also from works that are not frequently seen discussed on Tumblr. Sorry, SuperWhoLock fans.

So I'm making my own list of 100 fictional characters. Heck, the hard copy actually encourages it.

First, some ground rules. 1 character per franchise/mythos. Otherwise Game of Thrones would be inordinately represented. 1 character per entry. No particular order is given. And most importantly, this list is extremely subjective, so don't get flamey at me if I skip a character you like.